Sound can travel at 767 miles per hour but often it moves at a slower pace. These playlists have grown and evolved as we have moved around the planet down the years. They aren’t documents but sets of tunes that evoke places in a subjective way.

Machine Books

Desktop rave, skewed RnB, some random bangers, it’s been an odd year for music. Works well as the last thing you listen to at work this year. Or the first thing on New Years Eve.

A mix of kosmiche and some of the more synth-driven krautrock. Verdammt, wir lieben die sexy deutsche Musik, ja. (And a few other nations as well.)

Certain songs can locate us in time at a certain place. Its rare though that a certain sound across a number of records can. That squelchy synth bassline means that this is the early 2000s, and you are at a house party, somewhere east and its late.

Largely inspired by a trip to the city and the guiding hand of Arie from Lewsberg. It also includes one really crushingly literal inclusion, which doesn’t map on to our experience of the city.

In answering the question is there such a thing as Swiss music you have to ask whether there’s such a thing as Switzerland. And that inquiry gets you nowhere.

It’s not all death metal in Finland you know. Oh know. There’s all kind of other weird nonsense going on as well. Including the stuff in our heads.