Talking to Drawings


Bringing together material from the RIBA and Drawing Matter collections, the exhibition Disappear Here (RIBA, 2 May – 7 Oct 2018) explores the history, application and implications of perspective, how it spans truth and illusion, linking the disciplines of art, architecture and mathematics. In this podcast series, curator and designer Sam Jacob discusses with various guests the exhibition’s material and themes.

Tim Abrahams
Machine Books

For the fifth and final instalment of Disappear Here, Sam is joined by artist Patrick Hughes.

The fourth episode sees Sam joined by his co-curator Marie Bak Mortensen.

The third episode sees Sam joined by Madelon Vriesendorp, artist and founding member of the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA).

The second episode sees Sam joined by Deanna Petherbridge, artist, curator and author of The Primacy of Drawing (Yale University Press).

The first episode sees Sam joined by Kent Rawlinson, Head of Collections at RIBA, to discuss the process of research and curation, and the intentions behind the exhibition.