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High Tech

High Tech   Critic Tim Abrahams investigates and appraises the architectural style High Tech which, he says, was founded on the determination to have the future immediately. Rather than wait for technology and society to fall in line with their aspirations, the High Tech architects began building that future with what lay around them. In… Read More


Postmodernism   Architect and designer insists that his essay is not a defence of Postmodernism. Instead, it is a call for a wholesale return to its spirit; to a parliament of styles and an ecosystem of worldly architectures. Furman, an exuberant and colourful designer, asks his colleagues to throw themselves giddily into the whirlwind of… Read More

No Style

No Style   Architect Amin Taha believes that style is over. Finished. Kaput. In this brilliant essay, he says that whilst it is still just about tenable that style can be an identifiable "look", as a device for critical engagement, style as a meaningful unity, standing alone and yet representing many, is undoubtedly a thing… Read More


Classicism   Classicism is an irreplaceable part of our continuing cultural identity, argues architect Robert Adam in this concise, cogent essay, and cultural identity can only come from a common past. Making a strong claim that the pre-eminent architectural style will always be classicism, he believes that its rejection is more than an aesthetic preference,… Read More


Modernism   Critic, academic and writer, Austin Williams explores the hidden tenets of Modernism. In this inspiring essay he asks that we reinvigorate Modernist sensitivities, critical openness, universalist aspirations and humanist development and to do it with some urgency. Whilst the architecture of Modernism is amongst the highest achievements of humanity, he says, he argues… Read More

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts   The great architects and designers of the Arts and Crafts movement dared to imagine how things might be different, says Annie Warburton, former Creative Director at the Crafts Council. In this sensitive, insightful essay, she argues that the movement is still a vital model for creative endeavour because its adherents such… Read More

Islamic Architecture

Islamic Architecture   Can we truly speak of an Islamic architecture, asks Karl Sharro, satirist, architect and author? Is there something that unites the various strands of architecture in the Islamic world, Umayyad, Memluk, Ottoman, under one stylistic umbrella? Does Islamic architecture share little more than its Islamic context? Sharro, in this subtle, considered essay… Read More


Parametricism   Patrik Schumacher has found it notoriously difficult to describe Parametricism concisely. In this essay, he gives his best and most precise description of the movement yet. Here he argues that parametricism implies the enhancement of both order and freedom in comparison with all prior styles and describes how the universe of possibilities it… Read More


Constructivism   Architect and academic, Theo Dounas, explores the essential qualities of Constructivism in this barnstorming essay. Exploring constructivism’s great achievements: the notion that one can create architectonic utopias; the confidence that argument and experimentation is inherently creative; the idea that one can be shamelessly playful and inherently productive at the same time; the liberation… Read More

Chinese Architecture

Chinese Architecture   Sylvia Chan is Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural History and Theory from The University of Hong Kong. She argues here that while a stylistic expression of Chineseness can, at the moment, only ever be the embodiment of technical agendas, nostalgia and internal Party politicking there is another possibility. The first step on… Read More
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