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1997   Where did all go so wrong/right? Architect and critic Eddie Blake insists on 1997 as the year in which a new potential for contemporary architecture was both created but ultimately frustrated by the political changes of the time. A timely/timeless essay. Author Eddie Blake Illustration Machine Books BUY THE BOOK   Apple Kindle… Read More


1981   What happens to the local when architectural goes global? Lea-Catherine Szacka, author and academic, discusses 1981: a year where the elections of Francois Mitterand, the first socialist president in France, and of Ronald Reagan coincided with MTV’s US debut. Author Léa-Catherine Szacka Illustration Machine Books BUY THE BOOK   Apple Kindle Google Talks  … Read More


1963   Cutting across simplistic divisions around who we think was responsible for the modernisation of Britain, this is a brillient essay. Otto Saumarez Smith, author of Boom Cties, discusses the warnings and lessons of 1963; a transformative year where architecture served the nation. Author Otto Saumarez Smith Illustration Machine Books BUY THE BOOK  … Read More


1940   Backstage at the Battle of Britain, there was a revolution happening. Curator and writer, Erin McKellar believes that 1940 was the year in which women's role in defining the architecture of the late 20th Century was first established. Who is to say where change comes from? Author Erin McKellar Illustration Machine Books BUY… Read More


1937   What is the point of the past? Alan Powers, author of the excellent tome Bauhaus Goes West (Thames and Hudson, 2019), suggests that the thoughtful spirit of 1937 has in many ways returned. This thoughtful essay puts precedent and revolution in their respective places. Author Alan Powers Illustration Machine Books BUY THE BOOK… Read More


1927   When was the Year Zero? Elizabeth Darling, Reader in Architectural History at Oxford Brookes University, identifies 1927 as the vital year in which a British modernist avante-garde was established, long before the arrival of the Bauhaus. Author Elizabeth Darling Illustration Machine Books BUY THE BOOK   Apple Kindle Google Talks   ALL BOOKS… Read More


1877   The year that the past changed for good. Kate Jordan, architectural historian and theorist, discusses 1877: the year of the publication of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings manifesto and the emergence of the conservation movement. Author Kate Jordan Illustration Machine Books BUY THE BOOK   Apple Kindle Google Talks   ALL… Read More


1851   What does change look like? Paul Dobraszczyk, author and academic, discusses 1851: a year in which Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace caused a sensation and unveiled a new kind of ornamental effect that shattered existing conventions. 1851 Book synopsis Apple Kindle Google Talks   Author Paul Dobraszczyk Illustration Machine Books ALL BOOKS IN THE SERIES Year… Read More


1772   How do financial crises reframe architectural production? Frances Sands, Curator of Drawings and Books at Sir John Soane’s Museum, explores the impact of the financial crisis of 1772 on the work and life of one of the era's finest architects. Author Frances Sands Illustration Machine Books BUY THE BOOK   Apple Kindle Google… Read More


1720   In this essay, architectural historian Olivia Horsfall Turner, Senior Curator of Designs at the Victoria and Albert Museum, discusses the boom and bust of the South Sea Bubble in 1720: the year exposed the alignment of financial speculation and architectural acquisitiveness, but did it reset architectural style? Author Olivia Horsfall Turner Illustration Machine Books BUY… Read More
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